Mat Price ArtistBorn in Luton, England in 1981, I found my love for art at a young age, sketching and cartooning at every given opportunity, usually copying the characters from the Beano and the Dandy. I continued my passion through school and college, where I undertook a National Diploma in art at Luton Sixth Form College. I'm totally self-taught in traditional art and also digital art.

I love to paint scenes of nature, and birds and landscapes have become my favourite subjects to paint. I'm always drawn to the colourful, whether that be the feathers on a bird or the clouds in a sky at sunset. For as long as I can remember I have been able to find solace in nature and it is, and continues to be, the biggest inspiration in my work as an artist.  

All my prints available on this site have been produced digitally, using gouache brushes on the art app Procreate.

Influences and heroes include Claude Monet, Tiffanie Mang, Max Ulichney, Rachel Altschuler and Denys Gorodnychyi.

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